Geologists Day

Geologists Day
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Importance and History of Geologists Day

Geologists Day is a day set apart to appreciate the work and people who have dedicated their lives to study the Earth and Earth’s processes, how these processes affect our lives and foresee how events and processes of the past might influence the future. In other words we call them Geologists.

Geologist sampling lava (Photo courtesy USGS)

Their research and discoveries play an important role in our day to day lives. From discoveries and development of mineral and natural resources to understanding and identifying the processes and risks associated with natural hazards like landslides, earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions. Geologists also seek to understand the evolution of our planet and our solar system and define the life evolution on earth.  It’s true to conclude that these studies make our daily lives possible.


A geologist cake

Geologist’s Day is celebrated every first Sunday in April and the celebrations began in the former USSR in the mid-1960s where this time marked start of summer when fieldwork could resume after and the long, cold northern winter. From there, the celebrations spread worldwide with growing body of geoscientists around the world joining this celebration of professionals associated with the study and application of geoscience. In 2020, the Geologist’s Day is being celebrated on Sunday 5th April.


How to Observe

Exploration geologist at work

Everybody young and old is a beneficially of geological studies hence the importance to recognize and observe it whenever you are. This can be done even in simplest ways possible. For example: Learn something from a geologist or about one of their discoveries.  Visit a museum to learn about paleontology or how our earth is changing. If you’re a geologist, share your knowledge and skills with someone interested in geology. You can also challenge/teach colleagues, students, your kids and anyone interested to identify some rocks and minerals.  Also use #GeologistsDay to share on social media.

As a geological and mineral oriented organization, from earth’s crust to deep its core, Mining Hub Africa wishes all Geologists an Adventurous Geologists Day.

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