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Who We Are

Mining Hub Africa is the leading information hub in Africa on all issues related to the mineral industry provided by ASGOLD Mining Hub Consultants. From geology, exploration, mining, information about minerals, new technologies, machinery advancements to trends in the industry; we provide the much needed information link to all stakeholders in the entire mineral value chain.

 ASGOLD Mining Hub Consultants is a registered firm offering professional services in the Mining Industry in Africa. The firm provides stakeholders in the mineral value chain with professional consultancy services with a special interest in the Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) Sector.

We do this through:

  • Making mining and minerals’ information available on both digital and print media to industry players and the society.
  • Informing on minerals, exploration and mining trends in Africa
  • Providing information on investment opportunities in Africa’s mining sector and mineral markets.
  • Providing an interaction platform for all the stakeholders in the mining industry.
  • Partnering with different organizations to offer;  training,  knowledge management, communication and technology transfer services in the entire mineral resource value chain.
  • Offering consultancy services to mining organizations.
  • We have a special interest in empowering and training in the Artisanal and Small-Scale sector to ensure Safe Mining, Environmental Protection and Sustainability. 


  • Mining engineers.
  • Investors and managers in the mining industry
  • Mining consultants
  • Geologists.
  • Mining technical specialists.
  • Mining accessories (machinery, equipments, tools, software)
  • Manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Policy makers
  • Governments departments.
  • Mining financiers and financial institutions
  • Mining learning institutions.
  • NGOs (Especially the ones working in the mining sector).
  • Societies associated with mining industry.
  • Local communities and every interested person


  • Heavy vehicles and machinery manufacturers and retailers.
  • Institutions offering mining related courses.
  • Mining software providers.
  • Drilling companies
  • Processing plant supplying companies.
  • NGOs
  • Mining accessories providing companies.
  • Land selling companies
  • Vehicle manufacturing and selling companies
  • Freight and logistics companies.
  • Mining consulting companies and mining contractors.
  • Petroleum products manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Government institutions, civil societies, legal teams, counties, international organization and all interested parties.

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Eng. Peter Mugai Munyi

Eng. Peter Munyi

Peter Mugai Munyi is a Kenyan-based Mining Engineer and content writer in the mining industry; who is very passionate about creating awareness in the extractive industry through information sharing.

His love for minerals and passion in sharing information about them coupled with industry experience in different stages of the mining value chain and strong writing skills persuaded him to start writing content on different subjects related to the industry. Peter now provides mining content for mining stakeholders and publishes other content on his website ( He is the Director at ASGOLD Mining Hub Consultants; a Consultancy firm offering services in geology, mining, mineral economics. He also offers knowledge management, technology transfer and communication services in artisanal and small-scale mining.

Peter strongly believes that mineral wealth can effectively be used to raise the social-economic status of the mining communities whilst ensuring environmental cautiousness. He is therefore keen in promoting sustainable mining practices and empowering the artisanal miners as well as the local communities to optimize mineral benefits. Peter has wide range of experience having led execution of exploration programs and mine plan developments for rare earth elements and limestone in Kenya. He has also worked in quarry operations (stonecutting) and soda ash mining and beneficiation.

During a field visit

His operations have seen him work with top mining professionals, consultants, contractors, organizations and communities. He is a common invited speaker in the extractive industry on subjects on the entire mineral resource value chain.  As part of giving back, Peter is involved in mentorship programs for young people and students in universities, colleges, high schools and primary schools.

Other Programs

Peter is also a young leader, volunteering at Global Business Roundtable – Future Leaders (a global non-profit organisation). In Kenya, he heads a young professionals department that empowers and mentors young people in their professional journey aiming to create a strong network of professionals who are intellectually and spiritually equipped. He is also a cabinet minister at Youth in Africa; a Pan-African Organization promotes empowerment of young people in the continent. Peter is also a country director at Education for Peace Initiative, a Community Based Organisation that promotes education and empowerment to Congolese refugee community in Kenya.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Science in Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and is a member of The Mining Engineering Society of Kenya (MESK). In MESK Peter is the current operations officer

Geologist Iscar Muronji

Meet our geologist

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