How Minerals are Formed

The Science of Mineral Formation How are minerals formed?; is a common question in mineral discussions. Minerals are part of our planet’s treasures, they are naturally occurring, inorganic solids with a specific chemical composition and a characteristic crystalline structure. They are also important components of our everyday life. In this blog article, we’ll explore the interesting world of mineral formation, appreciate the various processes that give life to valuable treasures,

Congo River - The World Deepest River

The Deepest River in the World The Democratic Republic of Congo is well known for its abundance in strategic mineral resources, a blessing that many nations can only admire. That is not enough; DRC also contains more than half of the remaining Congo Basin rain-forest, the second-largest tropical forest on Earth. The forest is home to endangered wildlife like forest elephants, chimpanzees, bonobos, and lowland and mountain gorillas etc. If

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park (Madagascar)

The Forest of Limestone Needles Whether you love geology or not, you’ll agree with me that Tsingy de Bemaraha is a visual phenomenon. Let’s learn a little geology about this amazing feature. There are several such places in the world. Tsingy (which in Malagasy means “where one cannot walk barefoot” – referring to the tall, thin, needle-like rock formations) “limestone forests” are structures of towering, sometimes razor-sharp pillars of limestone.

Geologists Day

Importance and History of Geologists Day Geologists Day is a day set apart to appreciate the work and people who have dedicated their lives to study the Earth and Earth’s processes, how these processes affect our lives and foresee how events and processes of the past might influence the future. In other words we call them Geologists. Their research and discoveries play an important role in our day to day

Volcanic Islands of Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana Africa is slowly splitting apart in the eastern part of the continent and has created a rift valley. For now, faults and volcanic dams along the rift valley have created a number of basins that are mostly occupied by lakes. One of these lakes is Lake Turkana; an alkaline lake located in Northern Kenya. The lake holds many titles; it’s nicknamed “The Jade Sea” owing to the greenish-blue