Mineral processing methods


 The World’s Most Recycled Material What is steel? What makes it so important and useful? What makes it so recyclable? Here are some interesting things about the world’s most recycled material. Steel is a hard, strong grey or bluish-grey alloy of iron and carbon, with carbon content not exceeding 2%. If the alloy exceeds 2% carbon in content, it moves from steel to cast iron. In addition to metal characteristics of

KECBO Seeking to End Use of Mercury in Gold Recovery in Western Kenya

A community based organisation in Western Kenya is seeking to change the livelihood of thousands of gold artisanal miners in the region by empowering them to stop using mercury in gold recovery and adopt environmentally friendly processing methods. The Kakamega Environmental Conservation and Beautification Organization (KECBO), aims to ensure mercury free environment with sustainable gold recovery processes by building capacities and promoting safe mercury free extraction processes in western Kenya

Mining Sustainability in Artisanal Mining in Africa

Mining is very vital in modern living, since it’s the only way we can meet the ever-increasing demand for minerals in all industries. Human life is tightly tied to consumption of mineral resources making mining unavoidable. This is why we must invest heavily in ensuring that we benefit from the mineral resources, without compromising their availability to the future generation; in other words we must enhance mining sustainability. In as