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What happens? Earthquakes are natural geological events that cause the earth’s surface to shake or tremble. They occur due to a rapid release of energy in the earth’s crust, resulting in seismic waves that travel through the earth. Rocks shatter or slip when the cumulative tension along geological faults or plate borders exceeds their capacity to withstand it. This quick energy release produces seismic waves radiating outward from the fault


Sapphire – The September Birthstone The gemstone world celebrates the month of September with some of the most incredible gemstones. They include sapphire, peridot, zircon, agate, moonstone, and sardonyx with sapphire undeniably leading the line. Sapphire is a rich blue gemstone variety of the mineral corundum. It consists of crystalline aluminum oxide with trace amounts of elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, vanadium, or magnesium (α-Al2O3). This fancy gemstone also


Emerald; The Birthstone for May The mineral world celebrates the month of May with a special green gemstone; Emerald. Emerald is the greenish variety of a family of minerals known as beryl which also includes aquamarine (which is the blue variety), heliodor (golden-yellow variety), morganite (orange-pink variety). Beryl, which is beryllium aluminum silicate, is a rare mineral with a chemical composition of Be3Al2(SiO3)6. In its pure form, beryl is white

Congo River - The World Deepest River

The Deepest River in the World The Democratic Republic of Congo is well known for its abundance in strategic mineral resources, a blessing that many nations can only admire. That is not enough; DRC also contains more than half of the remaining Congo Basin rain-forest, the second-largest tropical forest on Earth. The forest is home to endangered wildlife like forest elephants, chimpanzees, bonobos, and lowland and mountain gorillas etc. If

Impacts of Covid-19 on Artisanal and Small Scale Mining: Case study Kilifi County Kenya

COVID-19: The Fate of Manganese Artisanal and Small Scale Miners in Kilifi The impacts of COVID-19 in the mining industry have been immediate and immense. The effects vary in magnitude from the artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) to large scale mining companies in Kenya. Whereas its implication was anticipated to be minimal at the start, the virus has put everyone in scare mode and mine development plans have in one